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    Wedding in Brittany

    I was looking forward to write a blog post about my wedding in Brittany. I would like to share every detail of my special day with you. In this article, you can read all about my wedding dress, venue and decor.

    I really wanted my wedding dress to be unique and special, therefore I decided to make a special order. It took them about 8 months to make my dress but at the end it was perfect! I also had to choose crystals and pearls that they latter attached to my dress. The nicest part of the dress was its 10ft long train.

    I had hard time choosing my hairstyle. I have very long hair and I do not think that it looks nice when I have up-do. I opted for a wavy hair and headpiece made of fresh flowers.


    My makeup was done by my friend who is makeup artist. She always does my makeup and I think it looks perfect. She knows my style so i didn’t have to spend a lot of time explaining her what I want.

    I got my bridesmaids dresses in purple colours as it is one of my favourite shades. I purchased a crystal brooch for my maid of honour.

    I decided to have second wedding dress so i can change after the ceremony. My main wedding dress was really heavy and I wanted to change later so I could spend all nice dancing.

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