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    Tips to learn how to drink beer

    We share some tips for Stubby holders that you should remember when it comes to demanding your favorite drink. An important one on the list is that there are no drinks for women or for men. Everything depends on the tastes: neither a clear light is indicated for a lady, nor a dark one is for males. Here the palate commands.

    General Mistakes

    The mistake number one is to put the glasses or jars to the freezer. A glass container with ice, which changes color when serving beer, is not a good thing. Even though it’s clean, it always gets a little smell. Sometimes, it even forms a thin layer of ice that can water your drink and alter its flavor.

    Unlike bottled beer, when it does not have to withstand long journeys and storage periods at temperatures above 25 ° C, the beer in the stalk may not be pasteurized. This allows it to maintain a particular fragrance. To this must be added that the stems in any case allow to keep it under ideal conditions of pressure and absence of light. It is however necessary that the tapping systems are kept in the ideal hygienic conditions, otherwise the beer can be affected. The barrels should also be consumed within three days of their opening, which is difficult in small businesses, where sales volumes do not allow it.

    How to serve

    The truth is that we do not all know that, what’s more, we do not think that facilitates the process of serving beer. The expert says that you should not serve all the contents at once. 75% of the beer is served by tilting the glass, letting the liquid fall slowly so that it does not make much foam. Once three quarters of the bottle is poured, the cup is straightened and the bottle rose, to make a crown of foam.

    The foam should measure 2 or 3 centimeters and protect the drink from oxygen.That cream should remain until we finish the drink. That way, too, we prevent carbon dioxide from escaping. With the successive sips, the liquid goes down and leaving those foam rings, which in the beer slang are called Brussels lace.

    Experts does not recommend drinking beer directly from the bottle or the can since that at least takes away half of its flavor.

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